Compressor™ Attenuator

Traffix Devices Compressor™ Attenuator

The Compressor is a self-recoverable attenuator that has been specifically designed to take repeated impacts without the need for additional recovery procedures, labor, or repairs. It’s the toughest, most cost-effective attenuator on the market and built to help you cut costs, save on labor, increase employee and public safety, and decrease risks.

Unmatched Features

Offered by Main Street Materials, the Compressor redefines attenuators through its durability, safety, cost efficiency, and ease of use. Its coolest features include:

  • Unique design and Uni-Base™ construction makes installation fast, easy, and safe -- one crew can safely install several units in one day
  • Specially formulated, pre-flattened modules absorb energy more efficiently in a shorter distance and provide consistent results after repeated impacts
  • Ultra-high strength steel panels re-direct side impacts with minimal damage
  • Shorter length improves roadway safety
  • Flush system eliminates damaging effects of debris
  • Caltrans approved and has passed all required NCHRP 350 TL-3 tests

Lower Cost of Ownership

You know, I went by a couple competitive attenuators the other day – both are number one sellers and less expensive than the Compressor. However, I noticed both systems were in need of a reset. If someone hits a system that isn’t ready for impact, they could be severely injured or killed, and it exposes the State to lawsuits that could cost millions of dollars.

Resetting an attenuator is time, labor, and cost intensive. It requires a full closure of the freeway ramps and the lane next to the system, signs, cones, trucks, etc. The employee that has to perform the reset is exposed to danger. Resetting also causes traffic delays and compromises public convenience and safety.

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Unlike other attenuators, the Compressor never needs to be reset, saving you money and resources, and mitigating safety risks and lawsuits. So, while the competitive systems might be less expensive upfront, in the long run, they will cost you more to operate and expose you to potential safety and legal issues.

For More Information

If you would like to hear more this revolutionary attenuator from TrafFix Devices and Main Street Materials, call our toll free number or contact your local Main Street representative today. Let’s figure out how to get the Compressor working safer and smarter for you!