SlopeGard 3 from KriStar

SlopeGard 3 from KriStarslopegard3-1_t

SlopeGard 3 fiber rolls are intended for placement around drainage inlets on construction sites or in areas subject to erosion to prevent sediment from entering the storm drain system.

SlopeGard 3 fiber rolls are assembled from a machined mat or blanket of shaved aspen wood curled excelsior with a weighted inner core contained in a photodegradable, extruded, "high visibility" netting tube and, for ease of handling, have a handle on each end. Excelsior material shall be Curlex I as manufactured by American Excelsior Company or Excel R-1 as manufactured by Western Excelsior Corporation, containing at least 80% of fibers at least 6 inches in length. SlopeGard 3 is available in either curled wood excelsior or optional reticulated polyurethane. The weighted inner core holds the device in place thereby eliminating the need for securing in place with either sandbags or stakes.