PASS® QB Texture Seal

PASS® QB Texture Seal with BSA-35 Anti-Skid Surfacing

"California’s premier Pavement Preservation Center confirms PASS out performs competition by years. Competition fails within months whereas PASS is still performing two years later."

The Pavement Preservation Center at Chico State recently completed an evaluation of PASS® QB Texture Seal against a top competitor. PASS® QB outperformed the competition in every category, hands down. Find more information about this report on the California Pavement Preservation Center website (doc. number CP2 - 2011 - 110).


Fog seals and rejuvenating seals are tremendous methods for maintaining pavement conditions, but the drawback for this type of process is that the skid values are immediately reduced, potentially limiting the treatment to only pavements with high skid values to begin with. Lowering the skid value also increases the risk of an incident on the roadway.

Fog seals can be treated using sand which will partially help to increase the skid value of the road, but the sand is very temporary, does not embed into the road well, and discolors the newly treated surface.

The PASS® QB Texture Seal with BSA-35 Anti-Skid Surfacing is a pavement preservation process that maintains and improves the current condition of the road, and keeps skid values at approximately the same level, if not improved. The pavement condition is preserved and improved by PASS® QB while the Texture portion of the seal is our Jet Black, BSA-35 Anti-Skid Surfacing.

Anti-Skid Texture Seal

BSA-35 Anti-Skid Surfacing is not a sand or an aggregate, rather it is a highly refined, very hard, very heavy, very abrasive grit. Unlike sand, BSA-35 Anti-Skid Surfacing is embedded into the emulsion by being placed on the road immediately after the emulsion is spread.

In addition, BSA-35 has a high specific gravity which allows the grit to sink into the emulsion (still in the wet phase), instantly becoming part of the seal. BSA-35 has a flat, jet black color, which not only improves road safety, but also the look and color of the roadway.


PASS® QB is applied at a rate of 0.08 to 0.13 gallons per square yard, then our BSA-35 Anti-skid Grit is instantaneously embedded at a rate of 0.5 to 0.7 lb. per square yard into the PASS® QB emulsion using our emulsion spread truck. The BSA embeds without any compaction or subsequent treatment process. Cure time is approximately 1.5 to 3 hours depending on weather conditions, and no sweeping is necessary after placement.