PASS MAXX Rejuvenating Emulsion

PASS MAXX Rejuvenating Emulsion

PASS MAXX gives agencies an extra strength rejuvenating emulsion product with unprecedented preservation power and reliability. Learn more about PASS MAXX and review test results in the PASS MAXX Brochure. pass-maxx-logo

PASS MAXX offers roadways:

  • Improved, longer lasting protection from oxidation and surface distress
  • Long-term solutions to correct a wider range of surface distress
  • Improved high and low temperature performance
  • Highly reliable performance both during application process and thereafter

PASS MAXX features an innovative formulation that differs from standard emulsions in two significant ways:

  • First, the PG-graded asphalt binder is enhanced with unrefined, natural asphalt known as Gilsonite.
  • Secondly (and as a result of the properties of the enhanced asphalt) the product contains as much as 2 to 10 times the amount of rejuvenating agent compared with currently available PMRE’s, while remarkably remaining even more stable, resilient and workable in the field with outstanding chip retention.