IceSlicer® Granular De-Icer

IceSlicer® High Performance Granular De-Icer

IceSlicer® is an all-natural high performance de-icer that is harder than regular road salt, yet still softer than sand. The result is a drastic improvement in melting power and traction without risking broken windshields or requiring constant reapplication. IceSlicer's telltale "reddish" color immediately sets it apart from other "white" road salts, but the difference between IceSlicer and other products goes far beyond appearance.

IceSlicer® RS

  • Stream-run fine to extra course 3/8"
  • Covered storage is recommended
  • Used in general highway and street de-icing
  • Best applied in a V-box spreader
  • Anti-caking and anti-freezing agents added

IceSlicer® SuperBlend

  • Intermediate fine to coarse
  • Engineered for optimal traction and de-icing capability
  • Can be applied with any type of spreader
  • Dry material which must be stored under cover to tarped