GE Evolve™ LED Lighting

GE Evolve™ LED Lighting System


From local to collector roadways, GE Evolve™ LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead ERS1/ERS2 fixtures are changing the way you light your lanes. Innovative engineering at its best, this fixture balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of an outdoor fixture facing year-round weather hazards. GE’s advanced LED optical design offers hundreds of photometric options to meet your precise lighting requirements, while delivering reduced glare and improved lighting control.

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A sleek and robust heat sink is just one part of the sophisticated thermal management system designed by GE engineers to remove damaging heat from the LEDs to ensure reliable performance over the life of the fixture. The GE Evolve LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead offers more than 11 years of service life to significantly reduce maintenance frequency and expense, based on a 50,000 hour life and 12 hours of operation per day. This efficient fixture can yield up to a 50-percent reduction in system energy compared with standard HID systems, depending on roadway applications.

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